Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rollying Around

Look at my little Rolly rolling around! I didn't actually get any video of him rolling, but he can and does. He's been able to roll since he was one month. I don't know how though with all that chunk! I guess he's just must be super strong to support all his body weight or something. Rolly's gotten really good at swatting and grabbing toys on his little mat.

What a talker too! So cute- all those gurgling baby sounds. At bible study yesterday, he was so thrilled with all the talking that he just jumped in whenever anyone spoke. He's a regular group member. Soon we won't be able to get a word in edge-wise!

Lucky is so fun to watch when Rolly starts talking. He gets this shocked look on his face, followed by a giant smile. He shouts, and I do mean shouts, "He's talking Mommy!" Since Rolly talks so much this scene takes place a lot during our days. I am so thankful to be home with my boys experiencing the joy of these everyday moments.

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