Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Now that Rolly is getting a bit more interactive Lucky feels that it is his job to "show" Rolly how to play with all the toys. As you can see, there are plenty. Rolly really likes to sit and play in his Bumbo chair.

Lucky brings him all kinds of toys, really all kinds. Saturday we had to wrap a birthday present and Lucky thought the huge tube from the wrapping paper roll was a perfect toy for Rolly. He would shout down the tube into Rolly's face. Saying, "I see you!"

Another thing he likes to share with Rolly is his die-cast (fyi: metal) toy trains. Mommy would much prefer sharing the softer, fabric toys, but Lucky wants nothing to do with those. He says, "Mommy I chair my t00t ch00s!" {I share my choo choos!}

I can't believe how well they play together already. Lucky is one special big brother. Rolly is in for all kinds of fun!

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Breakfast for Dinner said...

Oh my word, he is such a Fatty McButterpants! Love it. (fyi: your little pseudonyms do you no good if you say their actual names in a video.) lol