Monday, September 8, 2008

No, no Spit!

My little Rolly seems to have quite the propensity for spitting up lately. Yesterday at church he spit up so much that it flew down his bib and landed with a splat on the floor. Since he's been spitting up so much I usually opt for giving him another bath instead of cleaning him off with baby wipes. Lucky is cute because he tells his brother, "No, no spit!" Which is funny to me because whenever I want Lucky to understand that he is not to do something I say "No, no _____!" Lucky gets tissues and wipes and cleans Rolly up too! Rolly has got to be one of the cleanest babies ever. Here's my cute, little Rolly Poly getting another bath!


Elena said...

So cute! You're rubbing off on Lucky! On the other hand, my little man (who only knows about 3 words, mind you) told me to "go" the other day when I told him not to do something. He knows "go, no, and yes" and he put it together to send me away when I disciplined him. Hey, at least he knows what he wants! :)

Perdita said...

They certainly are very good about getting their point across with as few words as possible. And hey if all else fails they just scream until we figure it out! :)