Monday, September 29, 2008

Hap-pa Ber-tay to You!

We have been to a lot of birthday parties recently. One every weekend for the past 3 weeks. And we still have mine this Saturday. Saturday we drove to my brother's house and celebrated his birthday, my mom's and mine. They're all within 2 weeks of each other. My sister's is in there too, but she couldn't make it. It was fun to see everyone. In fact we had such a nice time that I forgot to take pictures. Pongo took the only ones. It seems like everytime we get to see my family I completely forget to take pictures, which is sad because I'd like to have more of them. Regardless of the lack of pictures it was really nice to see everyone. Next time I resolve to take lots of pictures.

Since we've been to birthday parties so often Lucky knows the entire birthday song. Will he sing it on demand? Of course not! But it's cute anyway. The song is more like "Hap-pa Ber-tay to you!" The cake you see pictured here Lucky helped me make, he wanted to help frost too, but mostly he just ate icing. He calls it "Gamma's Hap-pa Ber-ta Cake."

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