Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day?

I've never understood this holiday's name. Why call it Labor Day? Why not "No Labor Today Day"? Maybe it's a bit long...anyway we did not labor on this day. We went to the beach. You may be thinking, "don't you have a three month old?" The answer is yes, and he went too. Rolly is a pretty content little guy, who ends up being schlepped all over the place, since Lucky is a crazy, busy boy. We had tons of fun enjoying one last trip to the beach this summer. How much more fun will it be to bring both boys next year?!

Rolly mostly hung out under the tent canopy, but braved the sun for a couple of photos. Lucky as previously mentioned quite literally ran around in typical Lucky fashion. Pongo and I took turns with the boys.

When we got back on the road I looked at Pongo and said what I always say after an outing other than to the grocery store or the gym, "Was it worth it?" The answer: Absolutely!

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Elena said...

Yeah, and next year will be so much more fun with both big boys and Perdita prego again! hahaha