Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Any Resemblance?

So here is my family at my birthday party. And my sweet Lucky playing outside. Do you see any family resemblance?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break!

We love when all of our friends' mommies are home from work and can bring our friends to play. This week has been Spring Break in our town, so we've had lots of fun in the Spring and not so many "breaks." We've been busier than ever!

This week....we went to the mall, zoo, library, bible study, park, and Easter egg hunting. Whew! Mommy is worn out! The boys have had a great time and it reinvigorates me to see them having fun.

The funny thing is that my boys, as happy as they are out and about, really seem to enjoy their time at home most~which I must admit warms my heart. My Rolly is snuggle baby. Given the opportunity to play or snuggle with mommy-he's a snuggler! Anyone who knows my Lucky knows he's an on-the-go boy. What he loves most is for me to build with him. More recently though he's become a bit more snuggly-and loves to sit close to us and watch Signing Time or Baby Einstein. We're enjoying a little snuggle time before bed- in fact he just leaned over and gave me 2 kisses. MUAH!

Oh, I love these boys.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yard Work

On the way home from church today:
Lucky asked: "Mommy, can we work again?" (We worked in the yard all day yesterday.)
To which I didn't have time to respond before he said:
"Will you get my lawn mowers out? That would be amazing. I like to work in the grass. That's cool. "
How do you say no to that?

Rub-A-Dub My Rolly's in the Tub!

Look at cute, little Rolly making a Splash!....I mean a lot of splashes! So fun!

You may be wondering why Rolly is still in his baby tub? Good question!.... Well that's because Lucky takes up my entire garden tub with all his toys. Seriously I can't even find the wash cloth when I drop it because every available space is hidden by toys, and God forbid we take any toys out! Besides why mess with a good thing, right?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Special Delivery

One of Daddy's friends got Rolly this cute, little UPS outfit. Isn't our little delivery man the cutest. I know you'd love this little UPS man to show up at your door with or without a package!

(Here's proof of his crawling too!)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh, How My Baby Grows!

Rolly is talking machine. Okay, he says a few things...well, sort of, BUT I know what he means SO that me. About a week ago he started saying "mama," which I totally love. Yesterday he started saying "Bubba". Now this is a word he's said before but just started using it to refer to his brother exclusively. Now he calls us all by title...dada (the old favorite for all people, is now just daddy), mama, bubba (brother).

He also waves, claps, signs "more" and "all gone". And of course will yell (that's pretty much his talking voice though) and cry for any other needs.

As far as crawling goes, yes he can and has/does crawl, but he's much more into the rolling around and scooting than actually crawling forward. Lucky preferred rolling to crawling also. Apparently being "able" to crawl is the only thing of real importance according to our pediatrician.

He may roll himself into kindergarten but he'll certainly be the sweetest, cutest one there.