Thursday, January 15, 2009


We had our annual termite inspection today, I knew it was scheduled, but I was unprepared. When the inspector rang the doorbell at 10 am he was witnessed the following:

-stark naked Lucky answering the door
-mommy with wet hair, wearing a robe
-Rolly in PJs demanding to be picked up
-toys everywhere
-Baby Einstein blasting
-a mess in the kitchen as mommy made dinner (I thought cooking dinner at 10 am would work out better)

I very quickly asked him to inspect outside FIRST. I threw on some clothes, put a shirt on Lucky (still potty training, so no pants), and put Rolly in his highchair for some smashed banana fun! I The kitchen was still a mess, as were the toys, but I have little ones who play.

THE MAN-as we call all men who we come in contact with that we don't know- brought in his flashlight to check for termites. I had to explain to THE MAN that we were potty training, not weird-he said "I figured."

Lucky asked "What THE MAN doing mommy?" To which I answered "looking for bugs." Lucky then ran to find daddy's Mag-lite and turned it on. He proceeded following THE MAN around the house. He said "MAN-I helping you find the bugs!"-over and over again. After such a thorough inspection we found that we have no termites, just a few pests (well just one-but he's so darn cute that we'll keep him.)

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