Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Half Birthday to Lucky!

Today Lucky officially turned 2 1/2 years old. This is quite the milestone to Mommy, because after a child turns 2 years old their age is designated only in years and no longer months. I suppose it's for good reason, since saying I'm 339 months would make make most people's heads spin, as they whipped out their calculators. (I know you're doing the math right now- it's okay I did too!) The one caveat to this is the well known "____ years and a half" tauted by children everywhere until they find out it is no longer cool to do so.

As I said, today is that monumental event in Lucky's life, and to celebrate the occasion we had a little Half Birthday Party for him. Lucky had a guest come celebrate with us as we ate chili and birthday cake. Lucky helped decorate his cake with sprinkles and did a nice job of it. Lucky did have a few minor melt-downs in anticipation of eating cake (something that rarely happens-parties only). He called the event "My Have (Half) Bertay Cake Party." Notice where he places the emphasis.

Poor Rolly was not in the party mood, since he has yet another tooth coming in--his gums are all red and swollen. Although his tooth is not officially in yet, I'll keep you posted. With all the commotion we forgot to have Lucky open his present. So I guess it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Rolly was real trooper managing to fall asleep within seconds. Our birthday boy took a bit more convincing before falling asleep...but alas the house is quiet.

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Breakfast for Dinner said...

Ok, seriously, this kid is going to be sooo confused about holidays. 3 Christmases and half birthdays? Goodness gracious!