Monday, January 19, 2009


Happy MLK Day! I love holidays that allow my working friends to be home during the week. I know it makes them happy too. What better way is there to enjoy the day than an old-fashioned trip to.... THE FARM? A good time was had by all. We feed the horses, looked at the cows, birds, goats and ran away from a pig.

"What do you mean, 'ran away from a pig'?"....Well, we did feed the horses, but had extra carrots, so while Lucky, Rolly and I were waiting for our little friend to finish swinging we looked around a bit more and found that there were random pot-bellied pigs wandering around the farm. (The ones we had seen previously were in pens-so I had assumed they all were....MY MISTAKE.)

Anyway we threw a few carrots near one of the 350 lb. pigs (I now realize that may not have been wise.) The pig got up and started eating the carrots, so we threw more, he began to follow us, at which point I started to get a little nervous. He was easily the same height as Rolly in the stroller. Lucky was walking so I picked him up, carrying him to make an exit....The pig followed, we threw carrots in another direction and started to run away, the pig followed, (I was really nervous now, because even though he was rather fat and slow, I wasn't sure if provoked he'd charge after us.) Fortunately for us there was a dumpster situated at the end of the property and the pig became distracted, no longer interested in our measily carrots. Thank Goodness!!

The whole ordeal was less than a few minutes, but seemed much longer and needless to say made a lasting impression. So in case you were wondering..... POT-BELLIED PIGS DO LIKE CARROTS AND WILL CHASE AFTER YOU TO GET THEM.


Breakfast for Dinner said...

Trying to contain my laughter and amusement at the thought of you running away from a pig with both children in hand. nice work! :)

Perdita said...

I know...I think back to how things were before I was a mommy and realize how much my life has changed. I don't think I've changed, so much as my daily experiences. Suffice it to say that living in the sticks has a lot to do with the change too.