Monday, October 27, 2008

Firefighter Storytime

So after much searching we finally found a storytime in the community that we like. We went to 3 different locations before settling on the one we go to now, and I really like it, so do the boys. Firefighters come to read several stories, show their firetruck and equipment, and then the kids do a craft. The lady in charge is a hoot. She says it gets the week off to a great start with a little "firefighter eye-candy." (FYI: she's about 65 years old and these are mostly young, single firefighters! Too funny!) we read some Halloween books, made a spider hat and a lantern, played pin the spider on the web, and went on a ghost hunt. It was great preschool fun! Lucky's still learning to sit rather than wander during reading time, but 3 books in a row is still kind of a lot for him at this point. He talked all about the stories on the way home, so apparently he listened as he wandered.

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