Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh, How My Baby Grows!

Rolly is talking machine. Okay, he says a few things...well, sort of, BUT I know what he means SO that me. About a week ago he started saying "mama," which I totally love. Yesterday he started saying "Bubba". Now this is a word he's said before but just started using it to refer to his brother exclusively. Now he calls us all by title...dada (the old favorite for all people, is now just daddy), mama, bubba (brother).

He also waves, claps, signs "more" and "all gone". And of course will yell (that's pretty much his talking voice though) and cry for any other needs.

As far as crawling goes, yes he can and has/does crawl, but he's much more into the rolling around and scooting than actually crawling forward. Lucky preferred rolling to crawling also. Apparently being "able" to crawl is the only thing of real importance according to our pediatrician.

He may roll himself into kindergarten but he'll certainly be the sweetest, cutest one there.

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