Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

As Lucky's mom, I obviously think he's brilliant and not at all biased in thinking so. Even though I know he's a bright boy I'm continually astounded by what he says.

While putting Lucky back together again after another potty visit:
"Mommy, Jesus does not wear underwear."
-He doesn't?
"No. Jesus is too big."

Snapping my fingers at Lucky's grunting today, I told him not to go stinky in his pull-up. To which he responded:
"Don't worry mommy that was just gas. Don't worry. Mommy you don't need to do your fingers at me. It was just gas. Not stinky."

While at the Kidzone at the YMCA Lucky decided he did not want to do aftershave art. He told me:
"The lady gived me soap. I did not want to play with soap. I played with the stroller and baby. I was gentle to the baby. I did not want soap."

This child is the consummate backseat driver constantly reminding me not to hit the tree or crash into houses. It's truly a three ring circus as we drive around town.

And what does Rolly do while all this is going on? He just smiles his great, big, gorgeous smile. He now says Mama for which I have been waiting on for months. He's said Dada for a long, long time now and finally I have made it into his vocab. Yay!

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Breakfast for Dinner said...

Yeah, I get that gas excuse all the time ;)