Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not So Friendly Friendship Bread

So you all know that one of Lucky's favorite things to do with Mommy is cook. So to that end our friend Abby gave us a fabulous cooking project: Amish Friendship Bread. Sounds cool, doesn't it? Well it certainly is. It takes 10 days to make, in which you receive a starter batter kit from a friend, then proceed to squish the batter for several days, add random ingredients, and then make a huge batch to share and finally make bread with your left overs. Still sounds fun, right? little Lucky was rather grumpy on bread making day. He repeatedly grumped, crying alternately about filling tablespoons to exactness, versus dumping ingredients in randomly. It was a challenge, but 2 loaves of friendship bread resulted. And it was quite tasty. So we have passed along the goods and hope that our friends enjoy it too, minus the grumps!

We did manage to have several happy moments as seen in this video that is taking way too long to load. (I'll try again tomorrow!)

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