Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Eklekton Day!

In case anyone was wondering Eklekton Day is Lucky's version of Election Day. Does he have any idea of the ramifications of this day? Of course not! But he did make a cute little firecracker poster that says, "In God We Trust." That statement is never more true than when our country hangs in the balance. So let's all remember In God We Trust-yes we do!

What Lucky does know is how to play and play he did today. He played with friends while Mommy worked out, then played at the park with more friends, ate lunch at the park, played more at the park, and then proceeded to play in his bed for about an hour and a half, got out of bed (while Mommy showered) and played with his firetruck (when Mommy found him he said he had to go pee-pee on the potty), played in the bathroom while saying he needed to go stinky too (which he did not), played in bed for another 30 minutes before Mommy went in and declared naptime (I mean playtime) to be over. Tonight there will be no more playing in bed just sleeping-and sleeping at 7 pm at that!

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